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FunBox UHD czwartek, 23 maja 02:15
In the episode entitled "God", Visiting explores what it means to experience the idea of a Creator at its most surface level, and even the very notion of a higher intelligence without having a frame of previous reference. In "God" we trek through the history of this concept from antiquity such as those found in ancient Mayan and Egyptian cultures, through the great modern religions like Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and beyond. Coupled with visual interpretations of the Visitor in some of the most iconic religious landscapes and symbololgy, this episode explores one of the most deeply held ideals of humanity, that of our own mortality and purpose. Life and death, and why a "need" for an afterlife concept and intelligent design exists at all. Experts include Clergy of varied faiths, atheists, historians, and psychologists.
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  • 45 min