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Dream Journey Ep 4

Dream Journey Ep 4

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FunBox UHD sobota, 25 maja 09:45
February 2017 saw me embark upon a travel expedition through Scotland, Poland, France, Mexico, Belize and, (alas!), back. Not only was it the first time I ventured out to Central America, but also the first time I seriously pushed my bravery boundaries to do a whole lot of things I'd never tried before. I defeated my life-long fear of scubadiving and skydiving, (the Carribbean vistas do help! - No danger I'd do that again in Aberdeen), I went zip-lining over a Mexican jungle, I tried habanero-packed streetfood, (failed at that miserably), and organic tequila, (managed that better;), I climbed a Maya pyramid in the middle of a Belizean rainforest and fed hibiscus flowers to a very extravagant donkey. Most importantly, however, I got to know some incredible people - from shamans, wanderers and artists to refugees, businesswomen and expat cowboys. And thanks to aaaall of that, I also got to know a little bit more about myself for visiting the most remote corners of our planet reminds you how different and yet how similar we all are. I'm looking forward to sharing my incredible experience in 5 exciting episodes of our travel series, which really turned out to be a Dream Journey:) I simply cannot wait for more!"
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