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Confucius Was A Foodie 2

Confucius Was A Foodie 2Odc. 7

45 minlifestyle, food
FunBox UHD piątek, 24 maja 15:20
Is Chinese cuisine, with its Confucian structure, really the origin of the world's great cuisines? Christine challenges top chefs in France, England, Italy, Greece, the US and Canada. Working with academics, chefs, food historians, and experts, Chef Cushing really sticks her neck out as she ventures into high profile kitchens, searching for connections and roots that might trace back to Confucius. Christine's journey takes her to some of the most important culinary schools in the world like Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, and Alma Culinary Center in Parma, Italy. Significant and thought-provoking, this journey leads us to a deeper appreciation of our global connection to our stories, our cultures and our traditions, and how they are connected through food. We look at our world, it's ethnicities and its races through a foodie filter.
  • lifestyle, food
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  • 45 min